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Knobels Amusement Park 

I’m an oddball in many terms. Growing up, dad always worked two to three jobs and mom sadly suffered from what is now called anxiety (to a lesser degree I inherited) so I didn’t get far out of the hometown growing up. One of the amusement parks about an hour and a half from me is one that you only pay for rides. My kind because I’m not much of a rider. 
My wife got her master’s degree through Penn State and is an alumni so I get some benefits being a high school only graduate. Saturday was a trip to Knobels, a place seemingly everyone I went to school went but me. Cold, rainy but enjoyed it. Wish I could have ridden though. Took the scenic route up RT 147.

Mid life crisis – Bought a motorcycle

July 3, 2016 I bought a 2016 Kawasaki Vulcan S. 

I never had an interest in motorcycles until end of last summer. I had all winter to think and research the idea. Earlier this year I began to study for the permit. I went in to the test with the mindset that if I passed I’d get a motorcycle but if I failed I would put the thought to rest. Well I passed! 

I start the MSF course in September. 

Just completed my first oil change. The 600 Mile break-in oil change.

Mid-life rambing

Simple Living

This video struck a chord with me. At 37, partly running the family business, I’m at this point. Ready for the simple life. A small cabin on several acres of land. I’m living my father’s dream, while I’m thankful for what I got, it’s not my dream or desire. Time is short.

2014 stacking done

Took me way longer than anticipated but finally got all the firewood restacked on racks I made. Got little more to stack and then get the rotten pallets cut up. They did me good for free but after for years they gave out.

Four racks 4x8x5 or a cord and 1/4 and now got a fifth one to fill up. Five cord in a suburban lot, not bad. Ready for winter. Haven’t had to buy any in over a year.





How to get a man to eat vegetables


1) Let him cook over an open fire.
2) Get him an oversized wok.
3) Get him a kitchen gadget with more safety warning labels then parts.

Zucchini noodles with tablespoon of sesame oil and tablespoon of garlic.

When home improvements offer the most bang for your buck

When home improvements offer the most bang for your buck.

I liked the take on this. It is the part that makes me laugh when I watch these home improvement / flipping / income property shows. They show they put in 30,000 and increased the value 80,000 – 100,000, hmm, I don’t think so.

As our company is trying to sell a place in Grantville, due to the time involved we got a Realtor who of course said we should do this and that. Our question to each was “how much more can you sell it for if we do that?” to which her answer was “maybe a grand or two”. So if we spend 3,000 for a upgrade we may or may not get another 1,000 on our selling price, yeah sure.

Absolutely there are things you can do, but there are many “upscale” improvements that just don’t make sense with the profit to expense ratio.