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Traveling without a plan

Shadetree Surgeon’s video today sparked the thought in me.

I am one that researches, plans and researches more. I like to have the emergency back up plans and backup plans for the backup plans. I am guilty about doing so much research and planning that I get burned out and figure the trip isn’t worth the headache so I don’t go.

There are so many people I like to meet, so many places I like to see yet I spend all my time looking and researching.


Well. . . Bought a Motus MTS. Wasn’t really planned, afterwards I kinda said “What did I do?” 

Knobels Amusement ParkĀ 

I’m an oddball in many terms. Growing up, dad always worked two to three jobs and mom sadly suffered from what is now called anxiety (to a lesser degree I inherited) so I didn’t get far out of the hometown growing up. One of the amusement parks about an hour and a half from me is one that you only pay for rides. My kind because I’m not much of a rider. 
My wife got her master’s degree through Penn State and is an alumni so I get some benefits being a high school only graduate. Saturday was a trip to Knobels, a place seemingly everyone I went to school went but me. Cold, rainy but enjoyed it. Wish I could have ridden though. Took the scenic route up RT 147.

Mid life crisis – Bought a motorcycle

July 3, 2016 I bought a 2016 Kawasaki Vulcan S. 

I never had an interest in motorcycles until end of last summer. I had all winter to think and research the idea. Earlier this year I began to study for the permit. I went in to the test with the mindset that if I passed I’d get a motorcycle but if I failed I would put the thought to rest. Well I passed! 

I start the MSF course in September. 

Just completed my first oil change. The 600 Mile break-in oil change.

Mid-life rambing

Simple Living

This video struck a chord with me. At 37, partly running the family business, I’m at this point. Ready for the simple life. A small cabin on several acres of land. I’m living my father’s dream, while I’m thankful for what I got, it’s not my dream or desire. Time is short.